About Me

First let me thank you for spending the time to check out my site. Your support and viewership is greatly appreciated.

About Me:

  • Late twenty something accountant
  • Live in Ohio (woo low cost of living)
  • Income of around $80k (recent change, was $60-70k for years prior)
  • Been trading stock since age 12, trading options since around age 24
  • Very frugal
  • Use literally any tricks to save possible. I even went 3.5 years not paying for gas during college.
  • A natural devil’s advocate
  • Has researched the idea of certain hobby business to the point of ridiculous (hydroponics, orchard, being a realtor, wood fired pizza trailer, and many more.)
  • Owns a new car, but as I’ve argued in the past, owning a new car isn’t the worst thing.

About the Site

  • Dedicated to building wealth (both financial and non-financial)
  • Will offer ways for you to easily save money throughout your lifetime.
  • Will hopefully inspire you through math and reasoning, why it is so important to save and invest.
  • Will Focus on obtaining freedom
  • Is an optimistic income source for me
  • Going to take the policy of giving back 15% of all income from the site via give-a-ways. (this is a bit premature, likely going to offer something interesting though, maybe bullion or amazon gift cards)

Thank you again for checking out my site. I encourage you to check out some of my favor posts.

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