Amazon Pantry Loophole – March / April 2015

I am a fan of amazon pantry, but I’m really a fan of the promotion amazon is currently running.

This post is short and to the point. The bottom line, if you buy something that is $5.99 or more and select no rush shipping you receive a $5.99 credit for your future amazon pantry purchase. Note that these credits must be used by the end of May.

So here is the play. Buy any items that you need around the $6.00 range and rack up those credits (we will get to spending them later).

What I bought:

These are just some examples of the 100’s if not 1000’s of household items in the $5.99+ to $10-ish dollar range. I ended up receiving 7 – $5.99 credits.

But why is this such a good deal?

How about 3% Fat wallet cash back, 2% credit card back, up to 14% back in gas perks (an easy 4-5%), a $5.99 credit to amazon pantry, and a loophole that allows you get amazon pantry shipped to you for no cost.

Let’s recap. That’s a total of up to 19% off + $5.99 credit.

Meaning my $7.99 Pryex cup costs me about $.50 net cost. My baker’s secret cooling racks, less than a dollar.

In other words, it’s free household item time.

But What about Redeeming?

Your promotion credit is almost instantly added to your amazon account. Then it’s time to go shopping in amazon pantry. Be sure to add 4 qualifying items (there is a promotion on that earn you free shipping, and convert your $5.99 into a credit against the order). The items are actually pretty slick because some of them even have additional coupons such as Viva Paper Towels.

The end result of that $7.99 Pyrex measuring cup plus the following items were purchased:

For a total cost of ($7.99 + $12.95) = $20.94 – 12% (fat wallet, gas perk, credit card perks, could be more if you max gas perks) = $18.42 shipped.

Note DO NOT FORGET TO Double dip Fat Wallet (when purchasing first item and amazon Pantry)


2 thoughts on “Amazon Pantry Loophole – March / April 2015

    1. Grocery Gas Perks — While under promotion you earn 4x (normally 2x).

      This 4x results in, every $250 spend to result in $1 off per gallon up to 35 gallons.

      $35 (max savings allowed via gas pump) / $250 = 14%.

      While not under promotion it’s 7%, and again it means you need to get the max 35 gallons (12-15 in car + gas tanks brought).

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