11 Jul 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Free College Tuition is Total Bull

Note: Editorial, Opinion. Looks like Hillary is making it rain. Buy into Medicare early and free college tuition for family’s making under $85k (moving up to $115k a year), things are looking pretty “Bernie” Lately. But it’s
10 Nov 2015

Housing Market Predictions 2016: My Opinion

The US housing market is doing quite well considering the various factors it’s facing. I’m mixed with exactly how I feel about the housing market in 2016 and moving forward, but let me give you my overall
2 Sep 2015

People Need to Stop With the Small Trailer Houses

Back in the 1970’s a lot of hippies got together on the West Coast and began building domes, because you know.. domes were the future. Live rent free and not need anything from “the man” or “the
13 Aug 2015

Selling at Farmer’s Markets, Can it Be Profitable?

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of finding a way to have a side hustle via agriculture, but I’ve always hit the same issues which are viability and profitability. Now of course, I’m not talking about
24 Jul 2015

The Average Family Doesn’t Benefit Financially Much from Owning a House

We’re in a relatively unique time in history, interest rates are incredibly low. One of the side effects to these incredibly low interest rates is a reduction in housing interest and ultimately a reduction in a household’s
16 Jun 2015

Why You Likely Won’t Be Financially Independent and Retire by 40

The greatest obsession when it comes to internet personal finance blogging is retiring early, or being “financially independent, retiring early (FiRE).” Countless bloggers have reach cult like status with this simple idea of being totally financially freed
3 Jun 2015

One Bedroom House: The Best Case Scenario

So it looks official, I’m buying a 1002 square foot, 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom home for about $100k. I’ve already talked about the potential worst case situation in a previous article, but now it’s time to
12 May 2015

Update: The “One Bedroom House”, Assessing Worst Case Scenario

So I’ve gotten a response to the original offer and found a common ground offer acceptance at $104k (with roughly $3k CC assistance) for the one bedroom home previous mentioned in my first article. I’ve begun wondering
7 May 2015

Why I’m Buying a 1 Bedroom House, Hopefully

I’ve long been an advocate for small living, especially when it comes to housing. Nothing stunts your financial growth more than the “American Dream.” Building wealth (especially while young) is all about opportunity costs and cash flow,
6 May 2015

Telsa 10 kWh Powerpack is a Gimmicky Niche, That I Still Applaud

Telsa recently announced their 10 kWh Powerpack at the cost of $3,500 per unit, a price that blew the minds of some initial critics saying the price would likely be nearly four times as high. But what